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Last Updated 03 February 2023


Conferences & Sponsorships




1. BUSINESS MINDS LIVE is organised and managed by Dialogue Events Ltd., a company registered in England & Wales Registration Number 07458177.

2. Reference to “us”, “organiser”, “DIALOGUE” means Dialogue Events Ltd and references to “we” and “our” shall be interpreted accordingly. Reference to “you” or “participant” means the entity purchasing tickets or registering to attend and references to “your” shall be interpreted accordingly. Reference to “event” means BUSINESS MINDS LIVE. Reference to “website” means

3. By purchasing tickets or registering to attend BUSINESS MINDS LIVE you, the Participant, are confirming your participation and that you have been supplied with, have read and expressly agree to these terms and conditions (which shall apply to the exclusion of any terms imposed by you).

4. Dialogue Events Ltd is the sole organiser of the Event and does not use any third party ticket re-sellers

5. Our privacy policy is available here and our website terms of use hereboth form part of this agreement. 

7. Dialogue reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes to these terms and conditions will be published here.

8. Contact us


Telephone: + [44] (0) 203 790 8880


9. Participants shall be bound by the conditions, rules and regulations set forth in this agreement and any changes must be made in writing and signed by an authorised official of Dialogue who shall have full power to interpret and to make or amend these rules, provided that such amendments and additions do not operate to diminish the rights reserved for the Participants under this contract, and shall not operate to increase liabilities of its Sponsors, Agents or Employees.

10. No Participant shall be permitted to attend unless he has paid prior to the conference all of the fees agreed.


11. Rights of a Participant shall not be assignable to any other firm or person.

12. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admittance to or to eject from the Event any Participant, without and liability or obligation to refund, that we fell could; disrupt the Event, represents a security or health and safety risk, harasses staff or other participants or fails to comply with these terms and conditions.

13. The Organisers, Sponsors, Dialogue, its Employees or Agents are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage by fire or injury of any nature to any person or article. The Participant is urged to adequately insure their property, other equipment for which they are responsible and personal effects.

14. The Publisher of the Website, Application, Catalogue, the Organisers, Sponsors, Dialogue, its Agents or Employees will not be responsible for any errors or omissions on copy prepared and submitted by the Sponsor, Advertiser, or Participant.

15. Any use of photographic, audio or video recording equipment at the Event is strictly prohibited.

16. By attending the Event, the Participant consents to be filmed and/or photographed, and for their image and likeness to be used in our future promotional material without compensation.

17. ​The completion of the Application by the Participant and its receipt by Dialogue is deemed conclusive evidence of the Participant's agreement to pay the full fees due from that moment. Should a Participant wish to cancel attendance, notice must be received in writing from the Participant concerned. If applicable, Dialogue will retain the deposit sum paid by the Participant. Note that any registration, sponsorship, administration, and insurance fees are non-refundable.

18. Cancellation & Refund

18.1 Where a Participant wishes to cancel more than 30 days before the Event, Dialogue will refund the Participant in full.

18.2 Where a Participant wishes to cancel within 30 days of an Event taking place, the Participant will remain liable for the full value whether the Participant participates in the event, or not.

18.3 Any refund made will be net of any credit card processing fees or bank charges incurred by Dialogue.

19. The Organiser its Agents or Employees shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay resulting from acts of war, civil commotion, strikes or lockouts intervention or regulation, military activity or any other circumstances which shall make it impossible or inadvisable for the Organiser to hold the Conference at the time and place provided, and the Organisers reserves the right to re-schedule the event at another date and/or at an alternative site. Furthermore, Dialogue, will not be responsible and will be held harmless should any conflicts or misinterpretations arise with the host county, its sponsors, agents or other bodies regarding any and all aspects of the Event which may affect the Participants.  The said Participant acknowledges that Dialogue have sustained damages and losses as a result of the foregoing, as well, and shall and does hereby waive all claims for damages or compensation. The sums paid to Dialogue as fees or otherwise in connection with the Event shall remain the property of Dialogue.


20. The Organisers reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the Event such as changing the venue or changing a speaker due to a medical emergency or their termination of employment.


21. The Organisers, Sponsors, Dialogue, its Agents or Employees are not responsible to assist the Participant in obtaining passport and visa, for entrance into the country where the event is to be held.  The fact that the Participant is unsuccessful in obtaining these documents from the necessary government authorities will not constitute a basis for cancellation of this contract/application and it is clearly understood that no refunds whatsoever will be made.  The Participant, however, may substitute another party or company who meets the entry and government formalities necessary for entry into the country where the event is to be held.  Such substitution shall be the sole responsibility of the contracting Participant.

22. The Organisers, Sponsors, Dialogue, its Agents or Employees are not responsible for any loss, damage or delay incurred in freight shipments (transport, handling and clearing) into and out of the country in which the Event is held. Participants are urged to adequately insure all shipments.

23. The Organisers, Sponsors, Dialogue, its Agents or Employees are not responsible for any loss due to cancellation, abandonment, postponement or curtailment in whole or in part of the Event for causes outside its control.  Participant is recommended to adequately insure their participation expenses in case of such cancellation etc.

24. Participant expressly acknowledges that no representations - whether oral or in writing - expressed or implied - have been made concerning the amount of business to be gained from the conference, its success or that Dialogue, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates, employees or other entities allied with them have made any guarantees or assurances concerning the Event.  Participant further acknowledges that this document constitutes the entire agreement and the binding rules and regulations existing between the parties, and that he has been given no oral change or modification.  No one is authorised to make any oral changes in this agreement.

25. This agreement shall be governed by and construed according to English law. Any disputes between the parties under this Agreement hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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